DM Deepak Rawat Video – Deepal Rawat Discovers Hospital Selling Medicines in Powdered Form

DM of Haridwar Deepak Rawat is popular for making surprise visits to places in the district. Video of one such surprise visit is presented here. A short description is presented here below:

Place of Surprise Visit: Deepal Rawat Discovers Hospital Selling Medicines in Powdered Form

IAS Deepak Rawat Raid at Hospital

Mr Deepak Rawat visited a hospital in the city as usual for surprise check. He found that the doctor present at the hospital used to prescribe medicines even in those cases for which he was not authorized.

He ordered the CMO to lodge an FIR against the doctor and let the court decide the legality of the doctor.

DM Rawat also discovered some packets with white powder, to which the doctor informed it as being the energy/milk powder and that it was packed for those people who are not able to afford the large and costly packs of the same.

However, the DM asked his team to send them for testing in the laboratory.

In addition to this, many small pouches of newspaper were discovered which contained powdered tablets.

The doctor said that the medicines were powered and sold in newspaper pouches for the small children who find it difficult to consume tablets and capsules.

Deepak Rawat was concerned that selling the medicines in powdered form will not only loose its medicinal values, but also it will be impossible to determine the expiry date of the medicine.

Apart from this, the small bottles of calcium syrups were found, which were sold without any label, price expiry date for the same case as above. Some medicines were found which were sold without any covers.

The medical store of the hospital, which was located few meters away, also did not had license.

After analyzing the whole situation, Mr Rawat finally decided to seal the hospital as it was doing very unethical work with the health of the public. He also decided to check the authenticity of the medical store and take necessary actions on it.

Link to the video of Shri. Deepak Rawat:


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