DM Deepak Rawat Video – Raid at a Snooker Centre

DM of Haridwar Deepak Rawat is popular for making surprise visits to places in the district. Video of one such surprise visit is presented here. A short description is presented here below:

Place of Surprise Visit: Raid at a Snooker Centre

IAS Deepak Rawat Raid at a Snooker Centre

Today we are presenting a short story about Deepak Rawat (DM, Haridwar distrcit), who went on a surprise checking along with his team to one of the Snooker centres in the town.

Many members of the centres were present to play the indoor game during the checking hours. Mr Rawat was quite shocked to see the condition of the place.

The Snooker centre is a place which is profited from keeping any abused drug items. However, DM Rawat saw that there cigarette, tobacco packets, alcohols that are injurious to health.

He also came to know that the place was not only running Snooker but other anti social activities such as gambling was also quite prevalent in the place.

Deepak Rawat ordered to issue challan against the owner of the place for keeping prohibited items in restricted place in the name of running Snooker.

He was worried that such prohibited items pose health hazards to the youths who frequently visit the place to play and use such products.

However, Mr Rawat finally ordered to seal the place after huge stack of cigarettes, tobacco packets were discovered from every corner of the place. He has also seeked satisfactory answer from the person incharge for such illegal activity which is against the law.

DM also appealed the public and parents to be aware of what is good and bad and that the children should invest their time in constructive manner rather than involving in illegal activities and items that only destroy one’s life.


DM Deepak Rawaat IAS – Video of Surprise visit to Snooker Club/Centre

Link of Video on Youtube:

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