Life Journey of IAS Deepak Rawat – Biography

Deepak Rawat is the District Magistrate (DM) of Haridwar District. He has a very inspiring life journey. You can read it below. You can read the introduction of Shri. Deepak Rawat on our home page. Click Here

Biography of Deepak Rawat

Shri Deepak Rawat in his childhood was very innocent and had a peculiar hobby of collecting junk materials like old wrist watches, empty polish boxes, used tooth brushes, etc. He wanted to become a scrap dealer then.

In his childhood Deepak Rawat was very interested in electronic gadgets.

While in School

When in School, he was made to take science stream by his parents. However, he was not interested in Science, he wanted to take humanities. In Class 11th and 1th all his classmates wanted to become either engineers or to join Indian Army by giving NDA Exam. However Deepak rawat was not interested in any of the field.

The image of IAS came into his picture when he used to watch the buses of Lal Bahadur Shashtri National Academy of Administration in Mussuorie, carrying the trainee IAS Officers.

He learned about UPSC exams from by Shri. Anil Kumar Raturi, who was his neighbour and a senior IPS Officer from Uttrakhand and had served as the DGP of Uttrakhand.

deepak rawat childhood photo
Deepak Rawat’s Childhood Photo

While in College

After his schooling, he took admission in Hansraj College, Delhi University and did his graduation in History. There he made some friends, most of them were from Bihar. As you must be aware, students from Bihar are very passionate for UPSC Exams and hence along with them, Deepak Rawat also got into an environment of UPSC Preparation.

His sincere preparation for UPSC started when he was doing his post graduation from Jawahar Nehru University in History. He was also very passionate for becoming a journalist. While preparing for Civil Services Exams he had kept journalism as his backup career plan.

The turn in his life

When he turned 24 years of age, his father denied any further pocket money or monetary support to him and asked him to stand on his own feet and earn by working himself. So after his post-graduation he applied for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) Exam and cleared the JRF Exams. After that he started getting Rs 8,000/- per month as stipend.

He was unable to clear the UPSC Exam in the initial two attempts. Though he cleared the exam in his third attempt but could not get into the IAS and was selected for IRS. He went on to prepare for IAS, and in his final attempt he cleared the UPSC Exam and got IAS with AIR 12th in General Category.

Now in 2017 he became the most search IAS officer on Google. He is presently the DM of Haridwar and very popular of his surprise visits and raids in government works.

When he met the love of his life

He met his future wife, Vijeta Singh, while he was in College. They got married in the year 2012. A brief description of how is love story started, in mentioned below:

deepak rawat and vijeta

One day while Deepak was cleaning his room in JNU in the morning, he noticed that a diary was lying outside the door of his room. While cleaning up the room, he first understood it just as a piece of paper, but when he picked it up and opened it up he was shocked and surprised.

Actually, that piece of paper was half burnt. When he opened it, it was written in that `दीपक तुम मुझे बहुत अच्छे लगते हो`’. In the letter, the name of IAS Deepak Rawat was written in a special way. Each alphabet of the name of Deepak i.e ‘D’, E’, ‘E’, ‘P’, ‘A’, ‘K’ was cut from a newspaper and was pasted together to form his name. But he was unaware of the fact that who had written this letter.

At first he felt that someone from his friend circle must have written the letter just to tease him. So he just ignored the letter and kept him in his pocket directly. After several days, he kept thinking that who must have written this letter and the message. After quite a lot of thinking, as soon raised some courage and asked his friends about  the letter. Soon the letters ibecame the subject of discussion in his entire friend circle.

But the matter could not be hidden for more days and one day Deepak Rawat came to know about the girl who had written that letter. It was her future wife Vijeta Singh. District Magistrate Deepak Rawat points out that JNU’s atmosphere was very good. Everyone has a very good relationship and all are open-minded.

Soon after they got married in 2012.

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