Surprise visit to Rajkiya Sushila Hospital in Haridwar – DM Deepak Rawat

DM of Haridwar Deepak Rawat is popular for making surprise visits to places in the district. Video of one such surprise visit is presented here. A short description is presented here below:

Place of Surprise Visit: Surprise visit to Rajkiya Sushila Hospital in Haridwar


Here is a short story about the District Magistrate (DM) of Haridwar District, Deepak Rawat, who took a surprise visit to Rajkiya Sushila Hospital in Haridwar.

During the visit, he found that the patients below BPL (Below Poverty Line) were not given free medicines in the government hospitals, which is compulsory as per the government rule.

He also found out that the doctor prescribed such medicines which were not available in the said hospital as well as the other government hospitals nearby so that patients could have them free of cost. Instead they had to buy them from the outside store.

Mr Rawat asked the staff about whose duty was it to find out whether a patient is BPL or not and because of such carelessness, he ordered to deduct Rs 5000 from the salary of the person responsible and pay to the patient belonging to BPL who had to buy the medicine from outside.

He also ordered to put a stay on the salary of the doctors posted in the hospital till further notice.

Mr Deepak Rawat is a Vigilant person who does his duty will full honesty. Our society needs many such Deepak Rawat to mitigate the evil practices prevailing in it.

Video of Surprise visit to Rajkiya Sushila Hospital in Haridwar

Link of Video on Youtube:

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